Poole Art Walk

Poole Art Walk Images – 7th October 2013

A great day with fabulous autumn weather and much making of contacts and conversation… We had a lovely day and would really like to make this a regular event – Spring and Autumn: what better way to mark the seasons than to walk the local countryside and make art from it… [Show slideshow – takes a few moments to load…] Many thanks to all who took part, to support from Richmond Fellowship, Poole Arts and Poole Volunteers, and especially to…

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Poole Art Walk 7th October 2013 – Partners and Resources

You may find these useful links to follow if you want to look a bit deeper into land art, and the various partners who organised the Poole Art Walk on 7th October 2013 together… We would love to see your images and maybe show them on our website.  You can email your photos at info@zoofisharts.co.uk – if you add your name we will attribute them to you. Andy Goldsworthy – http://www.ucblueash.edu/artcomm/web/w2005_2006/maria_Goldsworthy/TEST/ Richard Shilling – http://www.richardshilling.co.uk/ Upton Country Park – http://www.uptoncountrypark.org/…

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‘Thanks. Wishing for more days like today. Walking and watching’

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